Vi importerar och säljer glas från välbekanta fabriker med erkänd kvalitet. Nedan kan du läsa deras egen presentation av sina varumärken samt ladda hem kataloger som PDF-filer.


RONA – a glassworks employing over 1000 people in the heart of the European Union, in the Slovak Republic. Its history reaches back to 1892 when it was established by the Schreiber family, once the most prominent glass producer in Europe, in a region where the production of glass traditionally flourished all the way back to the Bronze Age. This was due to a fortunate combination of a heavily forested landscape and the availability of silica sand and fi reproof clay – the basic raw materials needed for early glass production. Only a few of the seventy glassworks originally existing in the area survive today but those who do now belong to the avant-garde of modern glass production. The path of Rona has been paved with successes starting with a silver medal awarded to the glassworks’ predecessor during the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867, or the very rarely awarded Honorary Diploma in the World Exhibition in Vienna, to Rona´s presentation at the Expo exhibition in Shanghai in 2010, and attendance at the outstanding events of today´s glass world, including major exhibitions around the globe.

Innovation, design and expertise

Durobor ® was established in1928, as the first company to introduce the automated process of manufacturing drinking glasses in Europe. Today, Durobor ® continues in the same spirit of innovation, with its philosophy of “market pioneer”, and stands out as a designer, producer & concept leader not just as a manufacturer.
The well-known innovative design of Durobor ® glasses is adapted to their use and to meet the requirements of the professional sector :an ultimate combination of attractiveness and functionality.
Recognised around the world for its specific glasses dedicated to the world of drink, Durobor ® has come up with a truly revolutionary concept: the stunning glass receptacles that can be used for food. Ultra chic glasses & verrines which combine the joys of design and art de la table.
The Bubble in the heavy base: a distinctive symbol of the brand.
Durobor® is one of the main suppliers of glasses to the beverage industry: design, production & decoration expertise.
Each glass produced by Durobor ® is made in our Soignies plant, Belgium.
Durobor® glasses are renowned for their quality and robustness. Professionals are our best ambassadors.

The company Crystalex CZ, s.r.o.  ranks to major Czech manufacturers of household utility and drinking glass. The history of Bohemian glassmaking dates back to the 12th  century, when the first signs of glassmaking industry began to emerge in the territory of Northern Bohemia. A great boom of glassmaking occurred here during 18th  and 19th  centuries; at that time, our glass had rather noticeably spread into the whole world for the first time. Significant milestone in the recent history is the year 1967, when the present modern enterprise
Crystalex was established integrating small premises and plants. Traditional handmade production was complemented by up-to-date automatic production lines in 1972.
We specialize in manufacturing stemware glasses, tumblers, decanting carafes, vases, and bowls.  Besides regular plain glass, we are able to offer our clients a huge number of decoration techniques.
Stemware and Barware “Crystalex professional” , manufactured in “SPARKLE” (crystal glass – as per definition in the “69/493 EC Crystal Directive” –  is extremely strong, with proven, excellent mechanical impact and thermal shock resistance), have been designed to be functional in banqueting use, eye-catching in appearance for fine dining and the perfect glass for the wine connoisseur. The shape of each glass will enhance the drinking experience no matter if served at the bar or at the table.
A professional range of Carafes and Decanters for “open wine serving” in crystal glass are part of the product offer, as is a top of the line range of mouth blown and handmade stemware for the very special occasion.

LEONARDO is the glass for all opportunities and appeals to the senses. Our products are true companions that beautify everyday life, offer solutions and create a modern Italian sense of life by means of permanent innovation and a timeless look.

Every year we create 800 new products following the latest trends in the typical LEONARDO design. Every product has got its own soul, embodies the brand philosophy and projects it to the outside. LEONARDO products are available in more than 7500 sales points worldwide, meant to bring joy to every home every day.

The brand LEONARDO is part of the Glaskoch company (est. 1859).  The LEONARD glassware is extremely hardened to withstand rough handling. See the movie below for proof: