Vi importerar och säljer porslin från välbekanta fabriker med erkänd kvalitet. Nedan kan du läsa deras egen presentation av sina varumärken samt ladda hem kataloger som PDF-filer.

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Since June 2013 the porcelain tradition has been continued by the limited liability company Bohemia porcelán Moritz Zdekauer 1810 s.r.o., who purchase the assets and the trademarks from the wound up joint-stock company Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer, a.s. without any production interruption.
To satisfy customers from all over the world the manufacturing programme of the company now includes several complete porcelain shape sets for use in hotels and restaurants, several shapes of utility porcelain for households and several types of decorative porcelain for exclusive shape seeking customers.
Each shape may be enriched with a wide range of attractive décors from simple colour décors to opulent patterns including platinum and gold. For full satisfaction of its customers the company periodically extends the offer of porcelain shapes with new products in a wide range of attractive décors.
The traditional brand featuring a crowned eagle with stretched wings and initials ”MZ ” is used for marking the Stará Role porcelain still today.

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KAHLA is one of the most successful German porcelain brands. This year, the company celebrates a double anniversary:170 years of company history have passed since it was founded by Christian Eckardt in 1844 and 20 years since the company was re-established after reunification.  Customers in 60 countries value the multifunctional KAHLA products for the home, the hotel and restaurant sector and appreciate the customised promotional porcelain for corporate clients. Today, the Raithel family runs one of the most modern porcelain companies in Europe.